14 Top Tips for Dowsing

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14 Top Tips for Dowsing

What a fascinating evening we had learning to dowse at our Mastery Path event on 15 April. Tim Walter shared many things with us, including his personal journey, the history and philosophy of dowsing. Dowsing is more common than you may think, and is used by corporations, utility companies, builders and other trades, not just spiritual seekers.

Tim explained that there are earth energy lines and grids around the planet enabling life to exist. These lines are an aspect of consciousness that we can tap into in order to get better connection and access to higher levels of consciousness.

By dowsing, you can find spirals (power centres) everywhere (including in your home) and these vortexes are great places to meditate. Sacred sites contain concentrated energy which is enhanced due to all the ceremonies and rituals that have been performed with human intent over the years which remains in the land. This results in the energy lines containing more focused veins of consciousness and the potential to be anything … and we can tap into and utilize this energy for conscious co-creation.

Tim recommends psychic protection before starting dowsing, and to close down your energy centres after completing work, asking that the doors which have been opened are closed, and that you ground to restore your energy levels. Here’s a link to the psychic protection exercise that Tim mentioned which brings energy up from the earth and out through all the chakras: http://www.knightsrose.com/psychic-protection/

14 Top Tips for Dowsing

  • Have an open mind
  • Ask precise closed questions with a Yes/No answer
  • Be in a relaxed state of being with good intent
  • Turn off the internal chatter
  • Tune into your intuition – your sixth sense, and access your inner knowing
  • Develop a deep inner feeling – you may sense all you need to know
  • Notice your body’s reaction for patterns
  • Accept that mistakes bring greater learning
  • Accept answers to bring a greater awareness
  • Don’t make life-changing decisions using dowsing until you are confident
  • Use dowsing to increase your awareness, confidence and faith in yourself
  • Study books on the subject
  • Have a sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Practice, practice, practise!

Everyone who attended the event gained practical experience in dowsing and some expressed how inspired they were to delve more into it.

In this video clip (4:39), Tim demonstrates the power of sending love to Mother Earth and how we can use this energy for the manifestation process to co-create.


£10 (members) £15 (non-members) inc p&p to UK and + p&p overseas.

Here’s how you can connect further with Tim Walter:

Sign up for 3 FREE ‘Wise Living’ Videos 

Tim is offering a ‘mini personal energy report’ for those who would like to see what aspects of their past could be holding them back or contributing to limiting self-beliefs. For just £12 he will send you a mini personal report accessed from your energy field remotely by dowsing.

ATTEND A SPIRITUAL EARTH WEEKEND WORKSHOP – £159 for two days with Tim Walter & Adrian Incledon-Webber in the Yorkshire Dales.

These are fun and fascinating events which are a fifty/fifty mix of classroom and field trips suitable for both experienced and new dowsers. Full info and bookings.

  • 2/3 May 2015 – Holy Sites & Sacred Spaces (includes using dowsing as an aid to fully experiencing the world around us in term of sacred sites).
  • 27/28 June 2015 – Nature Spirits & Interdimensionality
  • 25/26 July 2015 – Mobile Minds / Modern Living

Book Tim for Geomancy – Intensive remote healing for where you live or work, plus approx 4 consultations over 6 weeks (£360.00).

Have a trance mediumship reading via skype (£45).


£10 (members) £15 (non-members) inc p&p to UK.


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