13 June – Plaeidean Healing with Ryan Greenwood

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13 June – Plaeidean Healing with Ryan Greenwood

Wednesday 13 June
Plaeidean Healing with Ryan Greenwood

The Pleiades (Seven Sisters) is one of our ancestral home constellations where many of us originally came from in order for us to have the Earth Experience.  A place that exists in the higher dimensions of light with amazing light technologies and healing abilities that we are ready to work with once more.  So Many of you will feel a deep connection to this star system and also be aware of their presence as they work with you on your ascension path. During this interactive healing talk we will bring in and work with the incredibly loving Pleaidan’s.  We will look at an aspect of our self that already exists in the Pleaides and work to re-connect with that aspect of ourselves. You may even leave with your own Pleaidan Healing guide!

Ryan Greenwood is a Soul Alchemist and Transition Guide whose life is dedicated to the healing of self and others during these changing energetic times.  As we enter the age of Aquarius the Earth is ascending into a new energy which we are all feeling.  It will be a time of great change and is to be welcomed with open arms and an open heart.  Healings are happening at a much faster rate, we just need to become aware of ourselves and our surroundings to start that healing process.  What healing does your soul truly require to increase your vibration and your beacon of light?

Ryan works with the higher vibrations of light and love to give you the highest healing possible for your own soul’s journey.  Miracles can happen if you can just release the old.

Website: http://oriondiamond.wordpress.com/

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